You're trapped in a maze, with a single antique lantern as your only light. Can you find your way out before you can get out? You will encounter mutated monsters and ancient puzzles you must solve, but you have to hurry! Your lantern only has so much oil. If it runs out, there will be no more light. And with no more light... you can't... get out.

Created by Ethan Bowen, Patrick Ferguson, and Rebekah Spary under the instruction of Todd Emma at East Tennessee State University using Construct 2, by Scirra for Principles of Interaction/Intro to Game Design.

Playable on computer or android phones.

v2.3 New interactive enemy AI. Added zoom in and out function to the game, ingame pause, lamp fuel guage, option to return to the title screen, new credits graphics.

v1.5 sound, new title screen with fixed glitch, animations added

v1.0: background graphics implemented.

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